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Our Philosophy as a Venture Capital Fund

We trust and grow the power of your unique vision.

The young Indian founder has incredible potential. We are a venture capital fund that exists to create a thriving entrepreneurial community. As a micro venture fund, we identify unstoppable founders at the inception of their journey, and support them through all phases of growth.

Eximius is a SEBI registered (Cat 1 AIF) micro venture fund, founded in 2020 on the principle of building an equitable ecosystem in the startup world. Pearl Agarwal, founder and managing director, strongly believes that while capital is plenty, harmonious investors are rare. Good founders do not need excessive oversight but rather a trustworthy friend by their side.

As peers, we help entrepreneurs brainstorm strategies, provide unconditional network access, discuss ideas when they need to and help them propel their business forward. We eliminate the hegemony that investors enjoy and replace it with an environment that encourages collaborative relationship.

We provide funding for small businesses with founders who are believers of hustle and humility. Above all, we value the grit, passion and experience of founders rather than their pedigree, background, or industry. Eximius is also a staunch supporter of female founders. We give precedence to female founders and envision them becoming equal partners in building a sustainable economy.

Most of all, we are trustworthy and accessible no matter where you are in your startup journey. We provide resources curated to the benefit of anyone who starts a conversation with us.

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