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As a micro venture fund, we make decisions quickly, keep the process simple for founders, and also reserve capital for follow-on rounds.

We look at what’s best for you. When you work with Eximius, expect us to be your pillar of support in the biggest and smallest of changes. We go beyond being an investor, advisor, or mentor, and develop a friendship based on equity, ease, and reliance.

Above all, we want to hear from you. Start a first conversation, wherever you are, and we will listen. We are only an email away from a valuable relationship.

Eximius has its headquarters in Delhi NCR. However, we believe that talent has no boundaries. As long as you are helping promote the Indian economy, our door is open for you.

We place you above your industry. If you are young and have the capability of driving your market with innovations, we are looking to add value to your business.

We prefer investments in Fintech, Edtech, Healthtech, Gaming, B2B Saas, and Online Media. Additionally, we give precedence to companies led by female entrepreneurs.

Do you have the next big idea? Guide us through the why and how.

Yes, we co-invest. While we prefer to lead, if you have an existing investor, we look forward to working with them as well.

We are primarily focused on investing in the pre-seed stage. Once your minimum viable product has been developed and has gained initial traction, we are ready to hear from you.

We look at becoming your first institutional investor with an investment of $150,000 to $300,000.

You should be young, dynamic, and headstrong. We also give precedence to female entrepreneurs who are driven to reinvent their market.

Hustle and humility are our two key mottos. You are ideal for us if you believe in working hard to achieve success but are humble in your approach. Be as trustworthy as much as you are trusting when it comes to Eximius. If you don’t know the answer to something, seek our guidance like you would from a confidant.

If you are new, we will observe you as you progress throughout our discussions. If you have been around for a few months, tell us how it has been. What are the unit economics like?

More importantly, how do you tell your story? We want to believe it with you and see your customers believe it with us.

Answer why you are unique in your market. Where are your existing competitors going wrong? Is the problem critical enough? What makes you the right and a successful answer? Is the solution innovative enough?

We also look at your long-term vision. Show us what the future looks like with you in it. What is your plan for getting there?

We want to see your passion reflect through your pitch. If you can get these points in your deck, we are in store for an eventful first conversation!

We value the time and effort you put into fundraising. We keep it efficient and hold a peer-to-peer conversation with you. We are flexible according to each company’s needs but a typical process is three-stage:

Initial screening: We meet and understand each other

Offer: We present an offer

Post-investment: You gain access to our resources

Once everything is in place, we create a lasting partnership.

At Eximius, we believe that your company is an addition to our family and not just our portfolio. We are a compassionate group of investors, who are focused on supporting you to the extent you need us with reliable, effective, and honest inputs.

We give you access to our entire network. You will find a safe haven with our experts to take your company where it needs to be.

We do what you require to add value to the nuances of your business. If you choose us, you get all of us.

Fundraising is understandably tough, and we want to take the first step to make it easy for you. We listen to you as soon as you reach us.

The best way to get in touch with us is through pitches@eximiusvc.com

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