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Jar is helping users invest in digital gold and rediscover the cumulative advantages of savings.

Eka.Care is connecting the healthcare ecosystem by providing a 360 degree care management solution.

iTribe is creating a trusted social network of trading professionals, teachers, and peers to learn investing across multiple asset classes.

Fego.ai is an open-finance platform for companies to access financial information of users to personalise their experience.

Zorro is a pseudonymous social networking platform which allows users to express themselves by remaining true to their authentic self.

KalaGato identifies high potential mobile apps using proprietary data and acquires these assets. .

Fleek makes it easier to discover, manage & split subscription payments with a single click.

Oyela is a socio-commerce company solving merchandising, payments & logistics for fashion influencers who want to sell to their followers.

Stan is a digital card collectible platform for esports players which allows users to create NFTs of their cards, trade those cards, and use them like playing cards.

Skydo is a cross-border payments platform, focusing on MSMEs to reduce the cross border transaction time and the cost of transactions.

Flux enables seamless consent based data sharing between FIPs and FIUs enabling aggregated data to be utilised by FIUs to have personalised offerings.