Who are We

We are believers of hustle, grind and execution. We are for the young and dynamic.

Pearl Agarwal
Founder & Managing Director

Building an equitable startup ecosystem through Eximius. 10 companies in personal portfolio. Has been to 30 countries but believes that’s just the start.

Sanjiv Saklani

Shaping the leaders of tomorrow at Eximius. 34+ years of experience. Often found playing tennis, squash, and snooker. Ex-army.

Jasveer Singh

Enabling startups with growth opportunities at Eximius. 8+ years, 3x founder, 2 successful exits. Always up for connecting with people.

Vikram Qanungo

Helps us navigate our way to long-term success with a mix of financial expertise and deep operational knowledge.

Sumit Panjwani
Investment Associate

Spots innovative startups at Eximius. Ex-entrepreneur. Found at peace among mountains and music.

Raunak Bhiwal
Investment Associate

Bridges the gap between us and startups and where they need to be. Also people’s go-to guy for untangling the legal.

Vidhi Doshi
Investment Associate

Finds game changers at Eximius, documents their early work, and supports them as they grow. Can sleep anytime, anywhere.

Hunny Pal
Investment Analyst

Scouts and evaluates startup pitches to find winners. A pro at pool and board games.

Amrita Saini
Human Resources Lead

Makes sure that we and our portfolio companies have the dream team to make it work. Loves art. Unstoppable on the dance floor.

Anureet Kaur
Marketing Associate

Connects Eximius to the startup ecosystem through content. Loves fiction, kangaroos, and history, in no particular order.

Unnati Tak
Operations Manager

Comes to work with a never-give-up attitude and makes sure we do too. Also passionate about digital content creation and helping brands find their voice.

Parth Goel
Student Venture Partner

Makes sure we don’t miss out on incredible startups. Always excited to work on new ideas and learn new things.

Aryan Mittal
Student Venture Partner

Spots promising startups that can level-up with investor support. Loves football and is a huge Barça fan.

Bhargav Chaudhari
Student Venture Partner

Helps back startups to empower them in making a difference. Enjoys writing. Always up for geopolitical discussions.